'The State & Future of E-Invoicing' with Bruno Koch

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Join Us on Wednesday November 30th at 10am EST
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An open discussion between e-invoicing expert Bruno Koch (author of the annual Billentis report), Basware's Product Marketer, Lauri Palokangas and YOU!

Themes for the discussion:

The Current State - Exploring the often 'unrecognised' disconnect between customers and suppliers

The Future State - How to unlock mutually beneficial relationships on the path to sustainable growth

Focusing on the 6 questions below:

1. Why e-invoicing is a hot topic right now and what it has to do with governments?
2. What are the SME requirements for e-invoicing and how to build stronger, more equitable relationships with them?
3. How to use e-invoices to remove inefficiencies from the processes and drive liquidity across the business ecosystem?
4. What are the key elements for large enterprise projects in creating sustainable growth from e-invoicing?
5. Why is it not sufficient to only support e-invoices in the business networks?
6. How businesses can improve the rest of their financial processes with e-procurement?

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