Today, like never before, new streams of growth are needed to stay ahead of the market, the competition, the expectations of shareholders and new disruptive forces. Join the world's largest network of finance and procurement leaders in creating an environment where you and your teams become catalysts for this new growth agenda

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Strengthen your supplier eco-system while freeing cash to fuel your business growth.

Bruno Koch on the Future of Business Networks

Live webinar with Billentis e-invoicing guru

How well is your business connected? How can e-invoicing and business networks help you achieve sustainable business growth? Register for this live webinar to discover more.

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Billentis 2016 report

Digisitation & Automation

The Billentis Report is an extensive document providing all the relevant information for succeeding in an e-invoicing project. The report not only provides facts about the current state of e-invoicing, but also qualitative views, evaluation, and details about the products offered by many providers.

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Connect to Grow

Failing to connect with business partners can damage your growth prospects

The world's most progressive business leaders are putting relationships with trading partners at the center of their growth strategies. Download our new e-book to discover more.

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Ad van der Poel – thought leader video

The value of the network comes from leveraging the data processed in the network whene.g. facilitating a payment. Watch how Basware’s Ad van der Poel explains why an open network does matter.

6 steps to E-invoicing success

Your practical guide to e-invoicing

E-invoicing is fast becoming business-as-usual. But how to get started with e-invoicing? We have created this eBook to help you navigate the world of e-invoicing (also called e-billing), understand what it means for your business and get your own adoption process underway.

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